Bio Solutions

Because of the warm, humid conditions and abundance of food, pest management is extremely important for every greenhouse. Traditionally, most greenhouses have relied on chemical pest management solutions. However, many greenhouses are moving away from chemical products, towards more environmentally friendly, sustainable solutions. Consumers are also more environmentally conscious, which means they are more interested in products that have been grown without the use of chemicals.

Banker plants provide a home for insects which are the natural enemies of pests. The use of banker plants is not only better for the environment because it reduces the use of chemicals, but they also reduce the risk of pests becoming pesticide resistant. The banker plant system at Vanvliet Greenhouses includes mullien, wheat grass, and allysum. These are for sale to other growers only, for use in their own bio programs.

If you are a grower looking to increase your stock of banker plants, or just getting started with your own bio program, please contact us for more information.